Before it’s Earned Our Money’s Always Spent

Nothing left at the end of the month?  Look at your pants.  Are there holes in the pockets?  If not, look at your spending habits.  For example, are you a coffee snob?  Do you really need that Grande Mocha Frappuccino every day? Cut your consumption to two times a week and that could save you over $15 a week. (that’s another pack of Elixir strings!)  Multiply that by 52, and you have saved almost $800 a year.  Make your coffee and lunch at home and that will save you even more.

The best way to track your spending is to record it.  There are lots of budgeting apps and spreadsheets out there.  CLICK here for a great place to start.

Or, go old school, and keep all your receipts in a jar for a few weeks, and “Add It Up” (if you can tell me the name of the band that wrote that song, I will buy you a coffee).  

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